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Panting, heart racing he found himself at her doorstep. Somehow he had lost the pursuers. Well, that’s what I get for betraying the Order, he thought. Catching his breath he grabbed a hold of the doorknob and fiddled with it to pull himself back up. With his other hand he rang the doorbell on the wall.

What is she going to think about this? He wondered as he stood there in waiting. He sighed and thought about the events that had led up to this.

-5 Hours Earlier-

Kanda had been called into the office for what he believed was just another mission request but was rudely awakened when He was greeted by faces of various officials.

'What the hell is this?!” he blurted out pointing at the people aligned against the wall.

It was then he was questioned as to his whereabouts the past few days. He gave them a reply about scouting for innocence and paper work; which he knew was a lie. But he wasn’t going to straight up answer them. He didn’t believe it was any of their business anyway.

"Were you having relations with a woman, Kanda?" one of the officials asked him

"If that’s all you wanted to know then, no." he rolled his eyes at them.

"Don’t give us that attitude, Kanda we have proof of the matter."

"Che, whatever."

"We have these." they laid down a collection of photos of him and a short white haired girl.

"And your point is?" he asked.

"Are you aware this girl is an Akuma, modified, but an Akuma none-the-less."

"And I ask again, your point is?"

The official became very angry with Kanda’s blatant disregard of politeness and refusal to answer questions directly.

"That’s it! You’re no longer allowed to leave the order! You will be confined to your room!" the man yelled.

"Fuck you!" Kanda retorted as he turned to leave, ignoring the angered man.

He was grabbed behind be several strong men who tried to force him to the ground. He shook them off violently, even drawing Mugen to keep them at bay.

-An Hour Later-

He had seemed to fight most of the men off and was hiding in the against a wall in the Black Order. After waiting several minutes he had found and opening and fled by slicing open a hole with Mugen.

He fled into the streets and made his way into the a small forest on the out skirts of town. After hours of getting pissed off at plants and various animals along the way he found his way to the the house, her house, and that’s how he ended up in his present condition.


His heart raced as he heard tiny footsteps approaching the door. He made a pained face as he could hear the doorknob twisting and the creaking of the door as it opened. Then appeared the head of the girl he knew, a confused look on her face.

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